3D printed ventilator mask

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The same italian company that recently 3D printed a respirator valve (on the left), a key component of a respirator that's usually very expensive to buy, designed a 3D printed adaptor for an inexpensive diving mask.

This way the mask can be used as a C-PAP mask for respirators during component shortages. The next step would be to couple this with one of the many DIY respirator projects you can find online. All this wouldn't be certified and without any medical approval, still it has the potential to save lives in this situation. It's another example of jugaad, frugal innovation, enabled by digital technologies.

The mask

All you need for this project is a Decathlon diving mask and a 3D printer (or a fablab) to create the adaptor so that you can properly connect the mask to the respirator. You can find all the info with the file at this link.

Once the adaptor is 3D printed, here's how the assembly looks like: